Biography – Ray Riden

You never know what you’re going to get with Ray. He’s quite the joker and keeps us all on our toes. So, while he may try to convince you that he swam the English Channel in record time or ran last year’s Chicago Marathon backwards, his real-life accomplishments are just as impressive. Although an elementary […]

Biography – Avilene Colin

Avilene is a bright spot in our Chesterton office. Known for being fashion forward, she considers herself very feminine. She enjoys experimenting with the newest beauty trends, so her makeup skills put us all to shame. She also likes sporting fun nail colors from her collection of nearly 150 polishes. Avilene even has a custom […]

Biography – Joan Moss

If you’ve ever called our office about a case, it’s likely that you’ve spoken with Joan. Her cheerful voice shines through the phone, showcasing her upbeat and friendly personality. Joan has been our Intake Coordinator since December 2015 and our clients love her. She’s very dedicated to customer service and is an easy to person […]

Biography – Alyssa Velez

As of spring 2016, Alyssa has been working at McCready, Garcia, and Leet for just about a year now, but we wish we’d found her sooner. Her sarcastic wit keeps us all on our toes and, as the youngest in the office, she consistently offers a fresh perspective on solving everyday problems. As Mr. McCready […]

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